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A Market Trend Analysis Of Luxury Property in Europe

The number of real estate transactions related to the luxury property has been steadily increasing since the positive turn from the Great Recession of 2011 to 2018. With the global economic slowdown becoming more and more prominent, the individuals with high net worth are looking to diversify their portfolio into investments that might be termed […]

The Best European Cities To Invest In For 2020

The real estate business in Europe has been in a constant state of flux over the course of the year. Brexit is a political movement that has shaped the course of European politics, and now investors are trying to figure out where outside the United Kingdom, they can invest in a second home for good […]

The Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Europe

Euro-valued real estate is a better idea than ever before to diversify your portfolio. The euro has gained almost par value with the American dollar, providing U.S. nationals with the power to invest in and purchase land and property in different parts of Europe since 2003. The burst housing bubble policy in Spain has caused […]

Investing in Real Estate In Eastern Europe

2020 has seen investors in prime real estate looking eastward in Europe for new opportunities. Popular cities like Prague, Warsaw and Budapest are showing strong signs of growth. This potential for expansion has been enticing buyers who are willing to take a small risk, especially in emerging prime markets like Hungary, where a degree of […]

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